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ENG 111-2. Topics in Literature, Film, Cultural Studies (W)
Writing seminar for first-year students, an intensive engagement with a topic in
literature, film, or cultural studies. (Writing Requirement) STAFF

ENG 111-3. Topic: Beats, Dylan and the American Dream (W)
In the 1950s, a period of American prosperity and social contentment and conformity,
the “Beats” rejected traditional American values. Writers such as Jack Kerouac, Allen
Ginsberg, and William Burroughs sought out a new version of the American Dream. In
the early 1960s, Bob Dylan followed in their footsteps and went on to become one of the
most radical, influential voices of the 20th century. This class will explore the work of the
Beats and Dylan through aesthetic, historical, political and cultural lenses as a way to
explore our own sense of American values. Do these artists have anything to say to
Americans in the 21st century? What is the American dream now? We will focus on
critical reading and writing skills as we try to formulate our own responses to these
important questions. (Writing Requirement) FREEMAN

ENG 111-3. Topic: Crossing Boders (W)
This course will examine literature about crossing borders--cultural as well as national.
The course will focus particularly on the experiences of Indian and Arab women crossing
borders as immigrants, using historical, social, political, and cultural points of view.
Readings will include short stories and novels by and about women as well as non-fiction
accounts of women's lives (work, health and water, marriage and children, religion,
education). Emphasis on critical reading, writing and revision. Some attention paid to
writing style as well. Not open to students who have completed their writing course (W)

requirement. (Writing Requirement) REED

ENG 111-4. Topic: The Magic of Experimental Women Film Directors (W)
Women filmmakers experiment in dazzling ways in the free space of independent
cinema. We’ll learn about a few highly influential ones and develop skills for writing
about their work. Julie Dash, an African-American filmmaker, directed an award-
winning short film, Illusions (1982) reflecting on race/gender issues in 40s Hollywood,
and, later, Daughters of the Dust, which in 1991 was the first full-length film by an
African American woman director. Maya Deren, leader of the New York avant-garde
film culture at midcentury, theorized about film and created astonishing short films such
as: “At Land” (1944), “Meshes of the Afternoon” (1943) and “A Study in Choreography
for the Camera” (1945). Patricia Rozema delighted and inspired viewers and filmmakers
with her fantastical, quirky flight of fancy in I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987),
voted one of the best Canadian films of all time. Throughout the course, students will
draft and redraft writings, from in-class writing to film reviews to essays and research-
informed critical projects. Students will learn how to search for film and cultural
scholarship, using sophisticated library resources. Challenging writing assignments will
help develop critical thinking and critical writing skills. Not open to students who have
completed their writing course (W) requirement. (Writing Requirement) HANKINS

ENG 111-4. Topic: Be Transformed: Fairy Tale Transformations, Cultural
Critique, and the Creative Process (W)

Fairy tales have ignited the imagination of children and salon readers, storytellers and

political activists, authors and film-makers. They have provoked vigorous critical

arguments: they have been dismissed as trite little (girl) stories or escapist fantasies,

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