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Psychology (PSY)

Suzette Astley, William Dragon (chair), Carolyn Enns, Alice Ganzel, Melinda Green, Steven

Major: The requirements stated here apply to students who declare a Psychology Major or
Minor as a sophomore during the 2015-2016 academic year and all who declare in subsequent
academic years. Those who declared earlier and those who transfer to Cornell in the 2015-2016
academic year with junior status or above are held to the requirements of the 2014-2015 catalog.
Numbers have changed for some courses in this catalog, however Majors who are completing
the 2014-2015 Catalog requirements will receive credit for equivalent courses that have been
renumbered. In these cases, the course title and content has remained the same, but the course

has been renumbered.

A minimum of 13 courses, and one of three concentrations listed below. In addition, a minimum
of two 300-level courses must be included within the concentration excluding PSY 380, 390,
392, 395, 483, 511 and 512. Research Methods I (PSY 292) should be completed by the end of
the sophomore year for all majors who are sophomores or younger beginning in August of 2015.
Research Methods II (PSY 392) should be completed by the end of the junior year for all majors
in the Specialist or Scientist concentrations who are sophomores or younger beginning in
August of 2015. Statistics (STA 201 or 347-348) must be taken before Research Methods II (PSY
392), and PSY 392 must be completed no later than the end of the junior year and before 483.

Note: Students must take a 200-level course before enrolling in any 300-level course.


Psychology Specialist
This program of study provides a broad foundation in psychology and prepares students for
careers and graduate study in a wide variety of psychology subfields. It allows for
specialization through the careful selection of psychology elective courses and courses in the
wider context (see advisor for recommendations).

1. Four foundation courses PSY 161, PSY 292, PSY 392, and STA 201 or 347-348 for all

2. One course in personality/social psychology selected from PSY 274, 276, 279, 282
    (formerly381), or 382;

3. One course in experimental psychology selected from PSY 361 (formerly272),362
    (formerly 273), or 370;

4. One course in developmental psychology selected from PSY 245, 277, 278, or 386;
5. One course in biological processes selected from PSY 363 (formerly 281), 344, 378, 383,

    or relevant topics courses in psychology;
6. Two elective courses in psychology;
7. Capstone course: PSY 483; and
8. Two courses in the wider context selected from: ANT 101 (Cultural Anthropology); ECB

    101 (Macroeconomics), 102 (Microeconomics); EDU 215 (Educational Psychology), 230
    (Exceptional Learner), 240 (Education and Culture); EST 123 (Introduction to Ethnic
    Studies); PHI 202 (Ethics); POL 111 (Politics), 172 (American Politics), 182 (Public
    Policy); REL 222 (Religions of the World); SOC 101 (Sociological Thinking), 102 (Topics
    in Sociological Thinking), 273 (Families and Family Policy), 348 (Race and Ethnic

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