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182. Public Policy
Introduction to the policy-making process, to the basics of public policy analysis, and to the
substance of selected policy debates. (Social Science)

250. Principles of Advocacy
An overview of the United States legal system with an emphasis on the adversarial approach to
resolution of conflicts and controversies in federal, state, and local tribunals as well as in
alternate forums and venues. Students will gain a general understanding of the roles of the
various participants with primary focus on the role of the lawyer as advocate. The course will
incorporate aspirational and ethical considerations, practical issues faced by trial attorneys, and
the potential for fulfillment and disillusionment fighting the battles of others. (Social Science)

355-359. Seminar in American Politics/Political Activism
Examination of a particular topic or issue in American politics. Content varies from year to year.
Prerequisite: POL 262. Offered subject to availability of faculty. (Social Science)

361. Race, Sex, and the Constitution
Exploration of Constitutional principles including equal protection of the laws, privacy, and
freedom of speech as they apply to issues of race, gender, and ethnicity: race and sex
discrimination, equal opportunity, affirmative action, abortion, pornography, privacy rights,
hate speech, political correctness, etc. Prerequisites: POL 172 and junior standing. Alternate

years. This course also counts towards the GSS major. (Social Science)

363. Campaigns and Elections
Examination of the electoral process in the U.S. This course also addresses in depth the factors
that contribute to voting behaviors of citizens examined from the point of view of both citizens
and campaights and how these aspects contribute to electoral success or failure. Prerequisite:

POL 172. Alternate years. (Social Science)

364. Congress and the Presidency
In-depth study of the central institutions of the American political system and the evolving
relationship between them. Prerequisite: POL 172. Alternate years. (Social Science)

365. Constitutional Law: The American System
Structure and function of the American judicial system and its role in constitutional
interpretation. The court's role in three great conflicts that have shaped the American
experience: (1) nation vs. states–the struggle for sovereignty, (2) Congress vs. President–the
struggle for supremacy over national policy, and (3) government vs. business–the struggle over
government regulation of the economy. Prerequisites: POL 172 and junior standing. Alternate

years. (Social Science)

366. Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties
Rights of individuals in America. The court's role in three broad areas: (1) criminal prosecution,
(2) free expression, and (3) race and sex discrimination. Prerequisites: POL 172 and junior

standing. Alternate years. (Social Science)

367. Urban Politics and Policy
Government in urban America. Issues of public policy, and their consequences for city dwellers
and the nation. Feasibility and desirability of various solutions. Prerequisite: POL 172 or 182.
Alternate years. (Social Science)

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