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432. Marching Band Techniques
Charting, arranging for, organizing, and directing a marching band, with particular emphasis on
high school marching bands. Prerequisite: MUS 343. Offered upon request, subject to
availability of faculty. No S/U option.

485. Independent Study in Music
A project in an area of performance practices or some phase of music history, theory, or
education. No S/U option.

701. Music Performance Seminar (Zero Course Credit)
A semester-long program requiring attendance at a number of musical events. The number of
required events changes from semester to semester. Students should contact the
Department of Music each semester for details.

702. Composition (1/2-1)
Original composition for various media, beginning with smaller forms. May be repeated for
credit. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. No S/U option. (Fine Arts)

703-708. Instrumental Techniques (1/4)
Development of basic performing techniques. Study and evaluation of procedures and materials
for elementary and intermediate instrumental teaching. No S/U option.

703. Brass    706. Woodwinds

704. Percussion 707. Singers

705. Strings  708. Guitar

709 (1/4); 710 (1/2). Advanced Jazz Improvisation
A continuation of MUS 215 Jazz Improvisation. Study and discussion of the various approaches
to jazz improvisation. Focus will be on chord/scale relationships, advanced harmonic
substitutions, stylistic considerations, solo analysis, and relationships between harmony,
melody, and structure. Students will also begin learning important pieces in the basic jazz

repertoire. May be repeated for credit. No S/U option.

Ensemble and Solo Performance Courses: Music courses numbered 711 through 793 are
open to all qualified students upon audition, may be repeated for credit, and may be counted
toward the fulfillment of the Fine Arts General Education Requirement. Any combination of
these courses that totals a full course credit will satisfy this requirement. These courses normally
encompass four terms and are taken along with principal and concurrent courses. MUS 718/728

(Cornell Lyric Theatre) is an exception.

The regulations governing the adding and dropping of Solo Performance (music lessons) and
Ensemble courses are given under "Music Lessons at Cornell" and "Ensemble Participation."
These regulations apply to all students taking these courses whether or not they are Music
majors. To enroll, students register directly and in advance with the Department secretary in

Term One or Term Six.

Only juniors and seniors who are candidates for the B.Mus. degree with a major in Performance
are permitted to register for a full course credit in a Solo Performance course. Students
considering the B.Mus. degree with a major in Performance should register each semester of
their first and sophomore years for a half-credit lesson in their primary performance medium

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