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Latin American Studies (LAS)

Advisor: Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour

The Latin American Studies major encompasses courses in Spanish language and culture and
offerings from at least four of the following areas: anthropology, art, economics and business,
history, Latin American literature and culture, politics, and religion. Portuguese, if transferred
from another institution, may be substituted for the courses in Spanish language and culture.
The Latin American Studies program is administered by a committee made up of faculty
members who teach courses on the approved list given below.

Major: A minimum of nine course credits from at least four departments participating in the
Latin American Studies program; no more than three such courses may be in any one
department. A study experience in a Latin American country is strongly recommended.
Currently there are Cornell-sponsored courses in Mexico, Bolivia, and Guatemala. The

requirements are:

1. SPA 301 (Advanced Grammar and Composition), or equivalent in Portuguese, or 302

(Advanced Conversation Abroad);

2. HIS/LAS 141;

3. Six courses selected from the following:

ANT 205 - The Maya                  ANT 256 through 260 - Topics in    ANT 356 through 361 - Advanced
                                    Anthropology when the subject      Topics when the subject matter
                                    matter deals specifically with Latin deals specifically with Latin
                                    America                            America

ART 278 - Pre-Columbian ART         ART 375 through 379 - Advanced ECB 265 through 269 - Topics in
                                    Topics in Art History when the     Economics and Business when the
                                    subject matter deals specifically  subject matter deals specifically
                                    with Latin America                 with Latin America

HIS/LAS 349                         LAS 235 through 240 - Topics in    LAS 335 through 340 - Advanced
                                    Latin American Studies             Topics in Latin American Studies

POL 332 - Human Rights              POL 341 - Latin American Politics POL 348 - U.S. Foreign Policy

SPA 109 - Topics in Hispanic        SPA 355 - Latin American Short     SPA 356 - Latin American Poetry
Literature and Culture              Story and Novel

SPA 383 - Latinos in the U.S.       SPA 385 - Latin American Culture SPA 311 - Introduction to Textual
                                    and Civilization                   Analysis when the subject matter
                                                                       deals specifically with Latin

411 (Seminar) when the subject a maximum of two appropriate            relevant courses taken as part of
matter deals specifically with Latin independent study courses         an off-campus program and
America                                                                approved by the LAS Committee

with the approval of the LAS
Committee, other courses not
listed here but deemed relevant to
Latin American Studies

4. LAS 487 (capstone).

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