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the processes and controlling influences of metamorphic change. Prerequisite: GEO 212.
(Laboratory Science)

317. Paleoecology
Applications of principles of paleoecology to an understanding of the ecology of marine
invertebrates that existed in eastern Iowa during Paleozoic time. Includes group research
projects on various aspects of paleoecology using field- and laboratory-based studies of
fossiliferous outcrops in eastern Iowa. Prerequisite: GEO 217. Alternate years. (Laboratory

320. Earth Surface Systems
The study of hydrogeology, landscape evolution, and earth surface processes. Particular
attention will be paid to the dynamics of groundwater and surfacewater. Includes field- and
laboratory-based group research projects on various local and regional topics, and reading of
primary literature. Cannot be taken if ENV 301 has been taken. Alternate years. Prerequisite:
GEO 130. (Laboratory Science)

322. Climates of the Ice Age
An in-depth examination of Quaternary climates around the globe and the methods used to
reconstruct them. Topics include ice cores, marine sediments, speleothems, pollen, tree rings,
and geochemical techniques. Involves hands-on paleoclimate projects including computer
simulations. Will also entail significant reading of the primary literature. Prerequisite: GEO 122
or 320. Alternate years. (Laboratory Science)

324. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Sedimentary processes and the stratigraphic record. Basics of particle transport, facies models,
and methods of stratigraphic analysis. Hand specimen and microscopic study of sedimentary
rocks. Alternate years. Prerequisite: GEO 130. (Laboratory Science)

325. The Origin of Mountains
Mountains are formed by a variety of geological processes. This class will explore methods of
mountain building, focusing on a specific mountain belt. We will read and discuss current
literature on a range of related topics, including tectonistratigraphy, petrology, structural
geology, thermobarometry, and geochronology. Multi-day field trip is possible. Alternate years.
Prerequisite: GEO 306 or GEO 307.. (Laboratory Science)

329. The Geology of New Zealand (in New Zealand)
Application of geologic principles in the field to explore the geology of a New Zealand:
stratigraphy, structure, geomorphology, and tectonic history. Interpretation of geologic maps.
Offered on the south island of New Zealand. Registration entails additional costs. Junior and
senior Geology majors only. Alternate years. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and either
GEO 306 or GEO 307.

360-365. Advanced Topics in Geology
See Topics Courses.

485. Geological Problems
Serves as the capstone for the geology major. Research on a subject or problem selected by the
student and approved by the instructor, involving library and field or laboratory study.

Comprehensive term paper and oral report. May be repeated once for credit.

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