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130. Historical Geology
Origin and evolution of the solid earth, atmosphere, and ocean; the origin of life; and the
succession of life through geologic time. Prerequisite: any 100-level GEO course. (Laboratory

212. Mineralogy
An introduction to the physical, chemical, and structural properties of minerals. Will explore the
significance of minerals across many fields, and will provide a hands-on approach, including
growing minerals and using mineral hand-samples, crystal form models, atomic structure
models, and polarizing microscopes to uncover even the subtlest properties of minerals.
Prerequisite: any 100-level GEO course. (Laboratory Science)

214. Tectonics
An examination of plate tectonic processes on Earth. Topics will include the building of
mountains, rifting of ocean basins, the structure of Earth's interior, paleomagnetism, and the
driving forces behind plate movement. Also includes introduction to structural geology and field
mapping. Includes several field trips. Prerequisite: GEO 130. (Laboratory Science)

217. Invertebrate Paleontology
Principles of paleontology, paleoecology, and taxonomy, with an introduction to major fossil
invertebrate groups. Prerequisite: GEO 130 or BIO 141 and 142. (Laboratory Science)

255. Modern/Ancient Carb Systems (in the Bahamas)
Field course on the geologic and biologic processes occurring in a modern carbonate system and
the responses preserved in Pleistocene limestones. Days spent in the field investigating modern
shallow marine environments (coral reefs, tidal flats, lagoons, beaches, dunes) and ancient
analogs preserved in rock outcrops, caves, and sink-holes. Follow-up lectures and laboratory
sessions in the evening. Snorkeling experience desirable but not essential; scuba diving
opportunities will be made available. Taught at the Gerace Research Center, San Salvador
Island, Bahamas. Entails additional costs. Prerequisite: any 100-level GEO course. (Laboratory

260-265. Topics in Geology
See Topics Courses.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

306. Igneous Petrology
Tectonic origins and geochemical evolution of magmas provide insight into the huge variety of
igneous rocks. Hand sample and microscopic study of igneous rocks helps to determine
compositions, structures and regional settings of the rocks. Prerequisite: GEO 212. Alternate
years. (Laboratory Science)

307. Metamorphic Petrology
Tectonic origins, mineralogical and textural evolution of rocks that undergo changes in pressure,
temperature and fluid-availability. Hand sample and microscopic study will provide insight into

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