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Education (EDU)

Kerry Bostwick, Jill Heinrich, Meg Jacobs (chair Spring 2017), Kate Kauper (chair Fall 2016),
and Cindy Postler

Cornell College offers a major in Elementary Education and coursework for students seeking
teaching certification in grades K-6, K-12, or 5-12. Students must apply to the Teacher Education
Program for admission to any of the certification tracks. Applications are due December 1 or
May 1 of the sophomore year or August 1 of their junior year. Students seeking admission to the
Teacher Education Program in their junior year must have special permission from the chair of
the Education Department.

The following conditions must be met before students will be considered for admission:

    1. File a Declaration of Major form with the Registrar (including certification track if
         applicable: K-12 or 5-12)

    2. Complete EDU 215 or EDU 230 and at least one additional 200-level Education course
         (EDU 205, EDU 215, EDU 230, EDU 240)

    3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher by the admission deadline
    4. Have one positive reference from a faculty member outside the Education Department

         (submitted via online form by the recommending professor)
    5. Successfully complete the C-BASE or Praxis Core Pre-Professional Skills Test by the

         admission deadline.

Please see the Education Department’s website for additional admission requirements:

Elementary Education Major (Grades K-6)

Whether a candidate for the BA, B.Mus., or B.S.S. degree, every elementary education major
must complete the following requirements (these courses can also be applied to the general
education requirements).

1. One course in mathematics or statistics. Students may use Advanced Placement credit to
    satisfy this requirement only if transcript credit is awarded.

2. One writing-intensive course (W).
3. One course in physical science chosen from: CHE 103 or 108; GEO 101, 105, or 111; or PHY

    121, 123, 125, or 141
4. One course in life sciences chosen from: BIO 103, 106, 108, 141, or 142; or KIN/BIO 207
5. One course in American history

A minimum of 15 course credits in Education to include:

1. Foundational courses: EDU 205, 215, 230, and 240
2. Core methods courses: EDU 314, 317, 318, 319, INT 310, and INT 320
3. INT 121 Communication in Education
4. EDU 410, 420, and 430 (Student Teaching)
5. EDU 483 Senior Seminar
*A second major or the completion of six courses in one of the following endorsement areas is
strongly recommended: reading, math, social studies (including history), science, or English.

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