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355-360. Advanced Topics in Computer Science
A study in greater depth of a topic covered in the core curriculum, an introduction to an area of
specialization within computer science, or readings in the research literature. Intended to
broaden students' perspectives on the range of opportunities that will be available to them in
professional practice and graduate-level study. Recent topics have included Algorithms,
Computer Networks, Robotics, Client Server Systems, Structure and Interpretation of Computer
Programs, and Bioinformatics. See Topics Courses. Prerequisites: CSC 140 and 151.

511. Extended Research in Computer Science (1/4)
Reading coupled with research on a specialized topic. This adjunct course must be taken over
four successive terms. Prerequisites: departmental GPA of 3.0 or higher, prior completion of one

course in the Department at or above the 200 level, and permission of instructor. (CR)

512. Professional Practice in Computer Science (1/4)
Each student will gain experience in the iterative development of software through all stages of
development, in presentations of a project to their peers, and in the review of their peers’
projects. Success will require application of knowledge and skills acquired in several core and
elective courses. This practice solving problems like those encountered in industry and advanced
study will prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that await them after
graduation. Students should consult with an advisor in the department before beginning the
course. In this course, students should plan on improving a project begun and substantially
completed in another course. That other course may be taken concurrently. The course involves
meeting twice each term for a total of 12 hours per semester and approximately 24 hours of
work outside of class. Is repeatable once for credit. Prerequisites: CSC 140, CSC 144, CSC 151,
CSC 218, CSC 301. Students should take this course during (or after) the year in which they
complete other requirements for the major. (CR)

Economics and Business (ECB)

Huan Cai, A'amer Farooqi (chair), Santhi Hejeebu , Todd Knoop, Aaron Miller, Jerome Savitsky

The economics and business department offers two distinct majors: (1) Business, and (2)
Economics and Business.

Business Major: The Business major offers students the opportunity to choose one of three
tracks: Business/Finance, Business/Analytics, and Business/Actuarial Science. Students who
choose the Business major must complete one of the tracks as defined below. Students may not
double major in Business and in Economics & Business.



A minimum of 12 course credits, to include the following required courses: ECB 101; ECB
102; ECB 151; ECB 210; ECB 225; ECB 243; ECB 253; ECB 302; ECB 359; ECB 352; ECB
300-level elective or Internship; STA 201 or STA 347.

A minimum of 12 course credits, to include the following required courses: CSC 230;
ECB 101; ECB 102; ECB 121; ECB 151; ECB 212; ECB 353; ECB 354; ECB 358; ECB 300-
level elective or Internship; STA 201 or STA 348; STA 202.

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