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For advice on how to evaluate and cite Internet sources click here.

NEW RESOURCES -- just what you think
: track Congress at work
(non-governmental site)
OpenCongress -- major new source on Congress
David Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
Statistical Resources on the Web -- University of Michigan
YouTube: You Choose '08 -- videos, of course

Cornell's Cole Library
provides you with valuable, premium research services that are not freely available on the Internet.

Services include:

Specialized Searches

  • Everything you could possibly want to know about Internet searching: WebSearch
  • Search the INVISIBLE WEB--links to data resources invisible to search engines: invisible-web
  • Explore the Political Blogosphere: Technorati-politics
  • Search U.S. GOVERNMENT web sites without searching the whole Net: USAsearch
  • Search LAW RELATED web sites without searching the whole Net: FindLaw
  • Browse POLITICAL/POLICY web sites without searching the whole Net: PolticalInformation

Quick Links to United States Government Documents



Supreme Court

Administrative Agencies

Congressional Documents

White House


Federal Register

Public Laws

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Core Documents of US Democracy

Code of Federal Regulations Compilation of current federal administrative regulations.

U.S. Code
Compilation of current federal statute law.

Executive Orders, Proclamations, etc.

Court Cases

U.S. Government Manual

Congressional Research
Service Reports

Economic Statistics
Social Statistics

Supreme Court Opinions

Federal Web Locator

University of Michigan Documents Center


Quick Links to United States Government Agencies





Alphabetical List of Recommended Links
Featured Sites are in Bold

Warning: The Internet is an equal opportunity provider of diamonds and excrement. The sources listed directly on this page have been screened. All are reputable, but some have a point of view. It is increasingly easy to find information. It is increasingly important that you evaluate the reliability of what you find before you use it. See the on-line research guide, Locating & Evaluating Internet Resources. Additional check lists for evaluating Internet sources are available on line at Widener University Library. If in doubt, consult your instructor or Tonnie Flannery, Cole Library's Consulting Librarian for the Social Sciences.

All Politics
: political news from CNN & Time
All the Web: Top-rated general search
American Bar Association Network Home Page
American Civil Liberties Union: Issues Related to Constitutional Rights
American Government & Politics: Super links page!
American Political Development: historical roots of contemporary political developments
American Political Science Association
America's Voice: Conservative TV for your Web Browser
Assessing the New Federalism: the Urban Institute
Avalon Project: Yale Law School Collection of Historic Documents

Biographical Directory of Congress
Bureau of Labor Statistics: economic data

Campaigns & Elections Course Links
Campaigns & Elections Magazine
Campaign Finance Institute: Disclosure Links
CapWeb: Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress
Capitol Spotlight: C-SPAN & CQ
Catalog of US Government Publications: since 1994
Census Bureau
Center for the American Woman and Politics
Center for Responsive Politics: nonpartisan information about money in politics
Census Bureau
CNN member power rankings
Congressional Directory
Congressional Procedures
Congressional Research Service -- Selected Reports
Constitution of the United States
Council on Foreign Relations
County & City Data Book U.S. Census
Country Studies Library of Congress
Country Watch
Criminal Justice Statistics: US Bureau of Justice Statistics
C-SPAN: public affairs & video archives
CyberCaucus: Iowa Caucuses & Iowa Politics from Drake University (inactive)

David Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
Democratic National Committee
Democracy Network
Diplomacy Monitor
Direct Search Links to the "invisible web"

E-the-People: nonpartisan site for political petitions and communications with public officials
Enviornmental Media Services
Environmental News Network
Environmental Politics Course Links
Executive Branch Library of Congress

FactCheck: truth behind political spots
Famous Trials
Federal Election Commission
FECInfo: user friendly FEC data
Federalist Papers
FedStats: finding aid to US government statistics
Federal Gateway Small Business Contracts Council
Federal Web Locator Center for Information, Law & Policy
Federation of American Scientists: serious data on policy questions
FedLaw: Government Services Administration
FedWorld Government Printing Office
FirstGov Best Government Search Engine
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources -- laws, cases, news, legal search
Forum of Federations

Genocide Watch
Global Warming Links: Pace Law School
Google: Top-rated general search
Google News: excellent news search Republican National Committee
Government Documents in the News America's Political Portal
GovSpot: government links track Congress at work
Grammar & Writing Guide
Green Party USA

House of Representatives

Human Rights Watch

Innocence Project
Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy
International Affairs Resources WWW Virtual Library
International Agencies University of Michigan
International Newspapers
Internet Law Library
Internet Legal Research Guide
Internet Public Library
Inter-University Consortium for Political & Social Research:huge collection of social science data sets
Iowa Code
Iowa Constitution
Iowa Official Register: "the Red Book"
Iowa Policy Project
Iowa Supreme Court
Iraq Tracker (CNN)

League of Conservation Voters: How members of Congress vote on the environment.
Legal Information Institute Cornell U.
Legal Research Meta-Index Georgia State U.
Legislative Branch Library of Congress
Legislative Process Library of Congress
Legislative Process University of Michigan
LEXIS-NEXIS: news, law, business, medicine, reference -- premium full-text site available through Cornell's Cole Library

M liberal activist site
Moving Ideas Network: American Prospect Magazine

National Archives and Records Administration: includes access to Federal Register, Public Laws, Code of Federal Regulations, and U.S. Government Manual.
National Atlas
National Political Index: comprehensive and user-friendly source for political links
National Priorities Project
National Public Radio
National Security Archive
Natural Resources Defense Council: environmental issues
News Batch selected public policy links Newspaper Association of America
Newspapers Online!

On the Issues: how politicians vote
OpenCongress: members & issues
Oyez Project
: Supreme Court multimedia

Pew Research Center for People & the Press
Policy Process U of Michigan
Political Ads in Streaming Video
Political Reference Almanac only partly free
Political Database of the Americas Georgetown U
Political Graveyard where dead politicians are buried
Political search >5,000 political and policy web sites
Political Points: New York Times
Politics 1: all Presidential, Gubernatorial, US Senate & Congressional candidates and political parties, election results and news. Recent Polls from Reputable Pollsters. Not much interpretation.
Presidency Links: huge collection
Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2000 American Museum of the Moving Image
Presidential Debates
Presidential Election Atlas: David Leip
Presidents of the United States: a part of the Internet Public Library
Pro/Con: political issues forum
PubScience: Department of Energy site searching full-text science journals

Real Clear Politics: news and opinion left & right
Research Guides
Legal, Legislative, Internet, Scholarship
RightMarch: conservative activist site

S magazine of politics and culture
Senate, U.S. magazine of politics and culture; best daiy news summary on the web state news from Pew Center on the States
Statistical Abstract of U.S. U.S. Census
Statistical Resources U. Michigan
Statistics Every Writer Shoud Know
Supreme Court
Supreme Court Decisions from Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
Supreme Court Historical Society

Technorati: search the blogosphere
: USGS maps and photos
Thomas: recent laws and current bills from the Library of Congress
Truth Out: leading left-leaning political news and opinion site

United Nations
United Nations Statistics
United Nations System Locator
University of Michigan Documents Center: U.S. and world Government Documents
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Code in its most user friendly form. A compilation of all Acts of Congress of general applicability presently in force. Cornell U.
U.S. Code National Archives
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations in its most user friendly form. A compilation of federal administrative regulations of general applicability presently in force. Cornell U.
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations National Archives
USGovSearch: free version of pay site run by Northern Light
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Institute of Peace
U.S. Senate
U.S. State Department International Information Programs
U.S. Supreme Court

Vanishing Voter: Harvard's Kennedy School
Voter Information Service
Vote Smart: facts about candidates

War Crimes and State Sovereignty: A Research Site mounted by American Lawyer Media's Law News Network
Web White & Blue: election information
WebSearch: become an expert info tracker
White House: includes links to other government information
World Constitutions University of Michigan
World Governments Northwestern University
World Governments University of Michigan

Yahoo! Government, Law, & Politics, both international & domestic
Yahoo! News: Political Headlines
YouTube: You Choose '08

Best of the Net
The links arranged alphabetically above are especially valuable for students of politics.
This is our "Best of the Net."
If you find resources that you think we should list here,
please click here, and paste the URL into the e-mail window which will open.
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