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WHAT is the course about?

For Students in Politics 240?

  • Earliest understanding in America of National Security, 1815-1855
    • International Context, 1815-1855
    • Domestic Context, 1815-1855.
  • The Bernard Board & American Coastal Fortifications
  • The Earliest Brick Forts & the Defense of New Orleans
  • Fort Jefferson: Defense Reconsidered
  • A. T. Mahan and American Power Projection
  • Mahan's Legacy and the "American Century"
  • National Security Policy in the 21st Century

For Students in Politics 340

  • Readings and Exams covering the material in Politics 240
  • Research Paper on American National Security: its history, current policy and politics, and its future, esp. cyberwarfare
  • Oral Presentation to the Class on the topic covered in the research paper. Three types of paper topics are supported by the course.
    • Historical Topics, including any one of the following:
      • the Battle of New Orleans (involves interpreting the Chalmette Battlefield site plus the Jackson Barracks Museum in New Orleans)
      • Comparison of early and late Brick Forts in the New Orleans area (involves explaining the differences between Fort Pike and Fort Massachusetts, brick forts along the coast east of New Orleans)
      • John O'Sullivan, Manifest Destiny, Cuba, and the Brick Forts (involves library research into 19th century political and literary history, especially the "Young America" movement
    • Contemporary Policy
      • Preemptive Attacks in American National Security: A New Policy?
      • CounterTerrorism and Law Enforcement: Disjunction or Conjunction?
      • Homeland Security: An Administrative Nightmare?
    • Future Challenges
      • Cyberwarfare since Kosovo
      • The President's Critical Infrastructure Board and its Work

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