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    In order to facilitate computation and avoid misunderstanding all grades issued in this course will be numerical. All numerical grades will have letter grade equivalents, and you will be able to determine your letter grade at any point in the course using the procedures outlined below.

    There are 2000 points possible in the course, 20 points for each 1% of the final course grade.

    Basic Scale
    20 A++   13 C+
    19 A+ 12 C
    18 A 11 C-
    17 A- 10 D+
    16 B+ 9 D
    15 B 8 D-
    14 B- 0 - 7 F

    The number of points possible on any given assignment is the product of 20 points times the importance of that assignment measured in percent of the final course grade. Thus, if given assignment is worth 30% of the final course grade, 600 points are possible on that particular assignment. The actual grade you received on this assignment (say 510) may be reduced to a letter grade by dividing the number of points you received (510) by the importance of the assignment in percent of the final course grade (30) and comparing the resulting figure (17) to the Basic Scale above (which yields "A-" in this particular example).

    To figure where you stand in the course to date, take your total points earned, divide by the percentage of the course completed, multiply by 100 and compare the resulting figure to the table of Final Course Grades below.

    Final Course Grades
    1750-2000 A   1150-1249 C
    1650-1749 A- 1050-1149 C-
    1550-1649 B+ 950-1049 D+
    1450-1549 B 850-949 D
    1350-1449 B- 750-849 D-
    1250-1349 C+ 0-749 F

    To figure your final course grade if you drop dead today, compare your total points earned with the table of Final Course Grades above.

    Final Grades: Aside from cases of academic dishonesty, which can earn you an instant F for the course, you earn the grade which corresponds to your point total in the table of "Final Course Grades" above, though the instructor retains the right to issue a higher grade based upon his professional judgment.


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