Student using CAS software in Engineering Design

When you think of majoring in physics or engineering, you may be envisioning a future where you are contributing to solving problems, overcoming design challenges, and testing new ideas across many different fields within the sciences and technology industries. You may see yourself in research, on the edge of discovering something new or you may see yourself supporting the implementation of the next engineering feat in your chosen industry.

Your future work may impact individual lives or might change an industry on a global scale. Cornell prepares you for these potential futures through both their B.A. and B.S.E. programs in physics and engineering.

Majors and degrees conferred in physics and engineering

If you want a broad understanding of physics and engineering so you can work in a supporting role within various science fields, consider pursuing:

If you want a highly focused approach towards an engineering career, consider pursuing:

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What you can expect across the physics and engineering courses

One Course At A Time gives you the flexibility to try several courses and figure out what really sparks your imagination. The further you progress in your courses you will have the opportunity to experience hands-on aspects of physics and engineering that are outside the reach of most undergraduates.

  • Off-campus courses allow you to meet the people, visit the places, and directly observe the processes being studied
  • Internships can be scheduled any block without affecting your coursework
  • Focus on solving real-world problems
  • Gain excellent preparation for graduate school while also enjoying the freedom to explore Cornell’s liberal arts curriculum, your own interests, and various career options