Cornell offers a combined engineering program with most engineering schools on an individual basis.  Although requirements to engineering schools may vary, the Engineering Sciences major, or alternate major that includes the following course of study, provides you an excellent preparation for the dual degree program. 

Engineering prepatory courses

  • MAT 121 (Calculus of a Single Variable)
  • MAT 122 (Calculus of Several Variables)
  • MAT 221 (Linear Algebra)
  • MAT 236 (Differential Equations)
  • PHY 111 (General Physics I)
  • PHY 112 (General Physics II)
  • PHY 114 (General Physics Laboratory)
  • One of the following:
    • CHE 121 (Chemical Principles I) and CHE 122 (Chemical Principles II)
    • CHE 161 (Accelerated General Chemistry)
  • CSC 140 (Foundations of Computer Science)

We also recommend: EGR 131 (Introduction to Engineering Design), EGR 231 (Engineering Mechanics), EGR 271 (Engineering Thermodynamics), and EGR 311 (Engineering Circuits).  Those planning to specialize in chemical engineering should also take CHE 225, CHE 236, and CHE 327 (Organic Chemistry I, II, and Laboratory).

Cornell requirements

You must also satisfy the requirements described in the Cornell academic catalogue under "Degree Programs in Combination with Professional Schools."

Additional information

Questions? Contact our engineering dual degree program advisor.