Fall 2021


Move-in Day and New Student Orientation

Bringing a student to college, especially for the first time, can be stressful. To help ease the transition we have compiled a number of resources related to Move-in Day and New Student Orientation.

Entering College:  A Big Step

It’s almost time for your son or daughter to take the big step of leaving home and entering college. This will be both an exciting and anxiety-filled experience for new college students (and for parents).  But rest easy, the faculty and staff at Cornell College are well-trained to assist your son or daughter with these and other transitions. Read more of this essay by John Harp, Vice President for Student Affairs

Grade Reports

Students receive a grade for each course taken and the grades are available to students on a secure web site by the first week of the next term.  A student’s academic information, including grades, is considered confidential information by federal law. Students can grant permission to share their grades via email with parents (and others) by following instructions.

Additionally, under federal law, Cornell personnel cannot necessarily discuss academic information with parents, even if you receive grade reports.  Please expect that Cornell College faculty and staff will pause to verify that they have permission to speak with you before they share any information about your student.  If your student has not given us permission to speak with you and wishes to do so, he or she can fill out the “Parental Release” form.  Questions? Contact the Registrar.

Student health forms

All students are required to submit health information forms by July 31.  The medical history should be completed via the student's online checklist. The physical and immunization forms need to be completed by a doctor, then uploaded to the checklist.  When submitting a copy of the insurance card, remember to copy both the front and back of the card.

Students who have not turned in the required health forms cannot attend class beginning second block until the information is complete. Please make sure that the medical history, immunizations, physical forms  and insurance information have been sent.

Health, wellness & safety tips

We have compiled a number of suggestions related your student's health, wellness, and safety. Topics covered include Rapid Emergency Alerts, health and renter's insurance, and managing stress.

Technology requirements and advice

Our Information Technology staff has compiled a list of important technology requirements and advice related to the devices your student may bring to campus. Included are system requirements for computers, advice on the best cell phone reception, and other important items.

Breaks and travel planning

Please note that fall break begins at 3 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19, most classes will meet until 3 p.m., and ends on Sunday, Nov. 29. Please do not schedule an earlier departure from campus for your student. 

Block 4 officially ends at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 15.  Again, most classes will meet until noon, so please do not schedule an earlier departure from campus for your student. Residence Halls remain open for fall and spring break.

The meal plans do not include fall and spring break. Meals can be purchased during fall and spring break.

Transportation to airport or bus station

Mount Vernon is just 20 minutes from both the Eastern Iowa Airport and the bus terminal in Cedar Rapids. A variety of transportation options exist for students who need transportation to or from one of these points.

Money matters

There are three local banks in Mount Vernon; one has an ATM in Thomas Commons. Iowa Banking laws require anyone using it be charged $1.50 per transaction with the exception of Mount Vernon Bank & Trust customers or Shazam Privilege Status card holders. Students may cash checks for up to $100 in Old Sem during business hours Monday-Friday.