Updated March 23, 2020

Cornell College continues to monitor developments on COVID-19. We have a team in place that meets regularly to assess the current situation and develop plans for our community. If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please email covid-19response@cornellcollege.edu.

March 18 Q&A phonecast transcripts now available

Important date changes:

  • Spring break is extended through March 22.
  • Block 7 runs March 23-April 15 and will be offered through online distance learning.
  • Block 8 runs April 20-May 13 and will be offered through online distance learning.
  • Commencement will be postponed until we are safe to gather again in large groups, date TBD.
  • Virtual Commencement will be broadcast live on Cornell's Facebook page beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 17.
  • Events and campus visits are suspended through May 13. 

Common questions to the task force:

Do students need to move out of the residence halls right away? There is no immediate need to move out of your residence halls; we will store your items in your room through the end of the semester without charge. Ideally, we would like to monitor the situation through Block 7 and schedule time for students to pack up and move out of the residence halls in Block 8 or the end of the semester. If students need belongings sooner, they can contact res_life@cornellcollege.edu to schedule a time to come to campus or have essential items shipped.

How can students pick up personal items? From now until 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 18, students can access residence halls and remove things from their rooms. If moving out for the semester, please email res_life@cornellcollege.edu in advance of arrival to coordinate turning in the room key. Rooms need to be cleaned before students leave. Residence Life is currently working on a staggered schedule for move-out (for after blocks 7 and 8) to align with health-based social distancing goals.

After 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 18, students will need to make an appointment through res_life@cornellcollege.edu to access residence halls and coordinate turning in room keys. 

Can people visit campus?  We are practicing social distancing as advised by health officials, so we discourage visits to campus at this time and promote using phone, email, and digital platforms for meetings as much as possible.

Will students receive a refund for room and board? We have been cautioned by financial aid governing bodies to wait for government guidance on how financial aid awards will be affected by refunds. For this reason, we are waiting to finalize our process to ensure that you are not penalized in any way we can avoid.  We will communicate the process for refunds (or credits) in Block 8 and begin processing them after the end of the semester.

Will you hold Commencement? Commencement will not be held in May at the end of the semester.  We are committed to finding a way to do an in-person commencement at some future date. Regardless of when commencement is held, degrees will be conferred at the end of the semester and mailed to you. Virtual Commencement will be broadcast live on Cornell's Facebook page beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 17.

Will there be recruitment events on campus? All recruitment events will be done virtually until further notice.

Will Cornell have spring sporting events? The Midwest Conference made the decision on 3-13-20 to suspend spring sports, and accordingly we are suspending spring sports events and practices.

Will the library stay open for students? Students on campus will continue to have access to resources.  Everyone has access to virtual tutoring from the Centers for Teaching and Learning, and digital access to the library.

Will there be food service on campus? Students on campus will be able to pick up boxed/bagged meals from Zamora’s to practice social distancing for meal service.

Will the bookstore be open? The book store will be operating as an online service only. Any students can order supplies online and get free shipping, students who remain in residence can pick up items from the Mail and Service Center. With the change to distance learning, students should check with their professor to determine if materials have changed. 

What happens to student mail? The mailroom plans to maintain regular weekday hours (no Saturday hours) for faculty, staff, and students residing on campus for the foreseeable future.  Beginning March 23 they will initiate mail forwarding for all first class mail for students. The Mail and Service Center staff will be contacting all students with packages in the mail room to determine if they want the packages returned to sender, forwarded to the student at the student's expense, or held until the student moves out of their residence hall.

Will the Sports Center be open? All facilities in the sports center are closed for the foreseeable future.

How will housing selection for next year be handled?  We are working on this and will update the community when we have the process identified.

What do students do if they haven't met with their faculty advisor yet to register for courses for next year? Due to the delay in when block 7 is starting (on March 23) we are also going to push back the timeline for registration for classes for 2020-2021.  Students will now register for class on Thursday, April 2 at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time. 

If students have not met with their advisor yet to review their planned course schedule, they will need to do that via phone, email or video chat before Wednesday, April 1st.

Any other questions

Please send general questions to covid-19response@cornellcollege.edu. We have a team watching that email address, and they will connect you with the best person to give you information. As the situation changes, and we hear more common questions we'll update this page.