One Course At A Time will change the way you experience college

The block plan gives engineering students more time in class to design solutions to real problems beyond the classroom.

The block plan gives you more time outside of class too. Assistant Professor of Engineering, Brian Johns, calculated how much time a Cornell College student gains from the One Course At A Time schedule in comparison to a traditional semester schedule. The result? 120 more hours per year for Cornellians. 

What makes the block plan a better way to learn?

The 18-day block plan gives you and faculty the framework to innovate together. You'll be taking courses where the faculty create learning experiences that can't be explored outside of the distinct One Course curriculum. 

Problem-solving and teamwork in 18 days leads to success

Many of our courses simply cannot be replicated outside of our unique One Course curriculum. 

What our faculty say

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    Janeve West

    Associate Professor of Theatre

    “They don’t assist me in the creation of the work, rather I assist them, and they are co-creators with their peers. The process is the innovation.”  Read more about Janeve's experience.

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    Craig Teague

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    “There is an accepted body of knowledge that chemistry students are expected to master. This technique delivers that body of knowledge in a different way. Students discover the material themselves through talking, listening, and collaborating as they work through the group activities.”  Read more about Craig's experience .

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    Santhi Hejeebu

    Associate Professor of Economics and Business

    “I couldn’t ask as much from students if we were on the semester plan. One Course At A Time is high engagement, high accountability, and high commitment. You really see students grow and mature, even over the course of just 18 days.”  Read more about Santhi's experience.

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    John Gruber-Miller

    Professor of Classics

    “With the combination of One Course At A Time and the Summer Research Institute, the students learn how to take the initiative, to stay focused, to work with and rely on others, and to understand the importance of teamwork.”  Read more about John's experience.

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    Emily Walsh

    Professor of Geology

    “With One Course At A Time I have the flexibility to take students out of the classroom. Even the most difficult concepts become clearer when you can stare at the rock, touch it, sketch it, follow it through the woods, hammer it, and examine it at length with a hand lens. I can schedule field trips of any length, ranging from half a day to several weeks.”  Read more about Emily's experience.