Department chair: Jim Freeman, Ann Cannon

Our faculty bring a diverse range of interests to their teaching—from projective geometry, to statistics education, computer science, the mathematics of origami, and mathematical biology. 


  • Photo of Ann Cannon

    Ann Cannon

    Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

    Teaches statistics courses, and her main professional interest is in statistics education. She is co-author of Stat 2: Building Models for a World of Data, 2e (2018), a textbook for the second introductory course in statistics. Ph.D., statistics, Iowa State University.

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  • Photo of Jim Freeman

    Jim Freeman

    Professor of Mathematics

    Teaches courses in mathematics and introductory statistics. His professional interests include algebra and the mathematics of origami. He managed Cornell’s first internet connection and networks and served as the college’s first webmaster. Ph.D., mathematics, University of Notre Dame.

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  • Photo of Tyler George

    Tyler George

    Assistant Professor of Statistics

    Teaches introductory and advanced statistics courses including Introduction to Time Series, and Advanced Regression Analysis. His professional interests lie in a wide range of topics including data science, data analytics, advanced regression, hypothesis testing, and statistics education. George holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and Analytics from Central Michigan University.

  • Photo of Melanie King

    Melanie King

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    Teaches linear algebra and calculus. King, who is originally from Atlanta, will be sharing her expertise in applied mathematics (math to solve real-world problems) with Cornell students. King earned her Ph.D. in applied mathematics and computational sciences from the University of Iowa. Her research interests include applications of mathematics in image analysis and math education.

Additional Instructors

  • Photo of Brandi Shanata

    Brandi Shanata



  • Edward Hill

    Watson M. Davis Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

    Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.