Overview of Services

Writing and Teaching Specialist Jennifer Haigh and Writing Studio Director Laura Farmer can work with you in any class in which students write. Specifically, we can

  • visit your class to conduct mini-lessons and workshops on any aspect of the writing process (drafting a thesis statement, using evidence, etc.)
  • visit your class to introduce students to Studio services
  • meet one-on-one with students to discuss their papers or writing in general
  • facilitate peer workshops in class or in the Writing Studio
  • provide specialized writing instruction for interested ELL students
  • consult with you about writing assignments

Please visit the "Materials for Students" section of this website for more information about our service offerings for students

Guidelines for Working with Writing Studio Staff

  • contact consultants early--preferably before a given block begins--to discuss course plans and to arrange for instruction, workshop facilitation, etc.
  • provide consultants with assignment descriptions, syllabi, and other relevant documentation
  • meet with consultants to discuss expectations, class demographic, etc.  

Additional Resources for Faculty Teaching Writing