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Making Posters

Excel (Including Gradebook)

Gradebook Templates

Simply click on the link below and save the file/template to your home directory.

Photoshop Elements


The following link provides sample essays, each composed using a certain style and format. This link will lead students to a great group of essays, each using a different citation style. Students: Please make sure you first follow your professor's requirements!

Microsoft Online Tutorials


  • Resume
  • 42" x 56" Template for a 4-column poster with a white background which you can alter (in PowerPoint)
  • 42" x 56" Template for a 4-column poster with Cornell logo background (in PowerPoint).  There are three slide here: 1) a four column poster (alter the text colors without changing the background), 2) a three column and 3) just the Cornell College background.  Choose the one you want and delete the others.   See the instructions on the first slide, and if you choose it, just delete my text and add your own.
  • Scientific Posters in Powerpoint  Note that this commercial site,, has templates in sizes that do not fit our printing limitations (56 x 42).  Their examples, however, may give you some ideas about laying out your own poster--both things to do and things to avoid.