The following procedures shall serve as a set of guidelines as to the proper election of the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These guidelines are subject to revision at any time by a simple majority vote of the current members in good standing of Phi Alpha Delta. The following guidelines have been set in chronological order to show the procedures that must be conducted during each stage of the election process.


Two meetings before the meeting during which the election of new officers will take place, the President shall discuss the coming election in the general meeting. The President shall read the position description for each position considered from the By-Laws, shall discuss any and all timelines and deadlines for the election process so that all members are aware of the process, and shall conduct a brief forum with those present to outline the expectations that members shall have of those positions considered for election.

The President shall then take voice nominations for candidates for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any member may make a nomination for these positions. Members must be present to make a nomination, and any member in good standing is eligible to receive a nomination, even if they are not present at this meeting. The Secretary shall record the names of all persons nominated and shall include those names in the minutes of the meeting. A person who is eligible as a candidate may receive nominations for more than one position, but may only accept a nomination for a single position.

The nominees then have 2 weeks to prepare a platform for consideration of a certain position. This platform shall serve as a candidate's acceptance of their nomination for that position. Such a platform may be no more than one page in length. This platform shall include:

  • Nominee's qualifications for the position for which they have been considered
  • Leadership experience both within Phi Alpha Delta and otherwise
  • What the nominee can contribute to their position and Phi Alpha Delta
  • Goals for the position

These guidelines shall be announced by the President following the receipt of nominations by the secretary, and must also be included in the minutes of the meeting.

Platform Statements

Platforms must be received by the Pre-Law Director in electronic form by noon the day of the meeting immediately before elections. Any nominee that does not submit their platform prior to the meeting shall be removed from consideration for the position to which they have been nominated. Copies of all platforms received shall be available at this meeting for the members of Phi Alpha Delta to review prior to the election, and shall also be sent electronically by the Pre-Law Director to all of the members of the group with the minutes of this meeting. Members in good standing are responsible for reviewing the platforms of all candidates for all positions. Candidates shall also be asked to give a one minute speech outlining the main tenets of their platform at this meeting.


In order to cast a ballot for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, a member must be in good standing and must be present at the meeting in order to cast their ballot. No proxy ballots of any kind shall be allowed. Additionally, all candidates must be present in order to have their name on the ballot. The elections shall begin with each candidate for each position presenting his/herself to the members present and giving their name and the position they have been nominated for and have presented a platform for.

Ballots shall then be handed out to all eligible voters, and each voter shall write a single name for each position of the candidate that they feel would best represent the group in each respective position. These ballots shall be kept secret from all other members of the group, and shall be collected only by the Chapter Advisor or his/her designee.

The Chapter advisor shall be responsible for the counting of all ballots, and shall be the final arbiter as to the intention of each ballot. The candidate with a simple majority for each position shall be announced as the new officer for each position.

In the event that two or more candidates receives the same number of votes for the same position, then a run off election shall be held again by secret ballot, and shall continue until a single candidate receives a simple majority.

Approved November 15, 2005