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If you are considering attending law school after earning your Cornell degree, the Program for Law and Society is designed to help you. With guidance from pre-law academic advisors and support from a wide range of activities sponsored by the center, you will be able to make a sound decision about a potential future in law. In fact, Cornell students have demonstrated a 91% law school acceptance rate compared to the national average of 85% (2011-2016).

Pre-law academic program

Cornell College's liberal arts program, with its emphasis on educating students to read critically, reason effectively, and communicate clearly, has a history of preparing students to succeed in law school and as legal professionals. Consistent with the best advice of law schools themselves, Cornell has no formal "pre-law" major and no specific list of required courses.

Pre-law students complete academic majors across the range of disciplines available on campus. Recent graduates have majored in politics, economics and business, biology, women's studies, English, philosophy, ethnic studies, history, sociology, and kinesiology.

Pre-law program

Co-curricular programs

Sheryl Stoll '70 and Judge Aleta Trauger '68 were instrumental in the development of Cornell's pre-law initiative. The Program for Law and Society complement the exceptional liberal arts education at the College. These opportunities include: