Program overview

Major/Minor: Classical Studies, French, German Studies, RussianSpanish

Major:  Russian Studies

Language instruction is also offered in Japanese and English as a Second Language.

One Course At A Time

Language study on the block plan enables students to focus on developing their skills without distractions from other courses. By the end of their first week of foreign language study at Cornell, students are able to give an oral presentation in the target language, and students can complete the normal ‘two-year’ equivalency of language required by most colleges in just four blocks at Cornell.

Courses are taught in the target language, preparing students to think, write, and speak proficiently. Our multi-faceted language lab (equipped with CAN8 Technology), videos, CD-ROMS and the internet are used in language classes at all levels to facilitate the acquisition of all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), while at the same time presenting language within its social context. 

Learning languages on the block plan

Off-campus studies

The flexibility of the block plan enables faculty to customize their approach to the traditional classroom, and also to take students on trips abroad during which they can experience cultural differences first-hand and put their language skills into practice. Finally, there are many opportunities for language students at Cornell to do more in-depth study of languages and cultures through off-campus internships, independent study projects and extended study abroad.