Graduation with honors

Students who during their academic career at Cornell have distinguished themselves by their outstanding scholarship may be eligible for either or both of the following categories of Commencement Honors:

All-College Honors, based upon a cumulative grade point average for all courses taken for grade point credit at Cornell College, provided that such courses total 20 or more (16 or more for transfer students), are indicated on the diploma as follows if the student's average is within the indicated range:

  • summa cum laude: 3.9000 - 4.0000
  • magna cum laude: 3.7000 - 3.8999
  • cum laude: 3.5000 - 3.6999

Honors in the Major, with the words "with distinction" printed on the diploma, may be awarded by a major to graduating seniors who have successfully completed all of the following:

  1. A major with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in all courses taken within that major
  2. A project or paper judged to be of honors quality by the faculty of the major
  3. A public oral examination on the project or paper (reviewed by at least three faculty representing two different departments and selected by the major advisor in consultation with the student) or a public exhibition or recital of artistic merit. Students interested in earning Honors in the Major should confer with their academic advisor and the Kinesiology Department Chair by the beginning of their senior year.

Recent graduates with kinesiology honors:

  • Beth Von Nothern, 2010
  • Jenn Boaz Heilman, 2010
  • Laura Dudgeon, 2009
  • Kristi Paczosa, 2009
  • Emily Decker, 2007
    Research Paper "The effects of acute moderate sleep deprivation on cardiac autonomic tone, mood and exercise performance."
  • Ashley Feltes, 2006
    Research Paper "A Study of PED 101: Lifetime Physical Fitness and Activities".

Ray and Margaret Cook Award

The Ray and Margaret Cook Award is given to a woman in her junior year that is majoring in kinesiology. Selection of the recipient is based on academic excellence, character, and career promise. This award is given by the children of Ray and Margaret Cook in their Mother's memory. At the time of Margaret Cook's death, her granddaughter attended Cornell College and was member of the Women's cross country and track teams.

Recent winners of the Ray and Margaret Cook Award:

2014: Stephanie Kerbel and Hannah O’Brien
2013: Abby Haubold
2009: Laura Dudgeon
2008: Amanda Jepson
2007: Hope Coffin
2006: Emily Decker
2005: Ashley Feltes
2004: Jennifer Labaw
2003: Beth Linderbaum and Amber Tomlin
2002: Kelly Mueller