Students mentoring each other


Are you wondering what it will be like as a new student on campus? Maybe you’re a first generation student trying to navigate a system—college—that is unfamiliar to your family. Connect with a student mentor who knows what it is like to be a first generation college student and who can answer your questions.

And have fun connecting with everyone involved in P.A.L.S. at a tailgating party, at a local bowling alley, at a movie, or around a study table.


Learn what resources are available to you on campus that will help set you up to achieve your academic goals. Learn from a mentor how they manage their time and get their study tips for the block plan.


In your second year, take on a leadership role in the P.A.L.S. program. Become a mentor to a first generation student. Share with an international student how you got involved with organizations on campus. Build a friendship with a new student of color.


Transition from the new student on campus to the mentor who helps others who are new to campus. Participate in discussions about diversity and inclusion. Address new students’ concerns—personal, interpersonal, cultural, and academic. Encourage new students to have a voice on campus and be active in organizations and clubs.

You’ll be the success story they model themselves after.

Ask your admission counselor to learn more.