Listed below are the student organizations supported by the Office of Intercultural Life. 

A group for the empowerment of queer people and their allies.

Black Awareness Cultural Organization (BACO)
Promote awareness and support for African-Americans. Activities include annual Martin Luther King Day candlelight vigil and events associated with Black History Month.

Capoeira Club
Promotes the martial art of capoeira and furthers understanding of Brazilian culture. Activities include hosting instructional classes on a regular basis.

Cultural Understanding and Exploration (CUE)
Explores current cultural issues. Formerly known as the Anthropology Club.

Eyes of the World
Focuses on international issues and programs. Annual events include the culture show,  international dinners, and cultural trips to places like Minneapolis or Chicago.

Supports Cornellians of Jewish background through ritual observances and other activities, while educating others about Jewish religion, culture, and politics.

Lyrically Inclined
Promotes slam poetry through workshops, slams, jams, screenings, competitions, and guest performances.

Muslim Student Association
Educates the community about Islam; addresses stereotypes; makes visits to one of the oldest mosques built in the United States, located in Cedar Rapids; creates events during holy days; holds discussions regarding events in the Middle East; teaches Islam in depth, including learning the Quran in Arabic and understanding the Hadiths.

Organization for Latino Awareness (OLA)
Provides support to Latino students while educating others about Latino culture.

Sister for Sister (S4S)
Seeks to unify women of all cultures and backgrounds.

Students Together Eradicating Poverty (S.T.E.P.)
A group dedicated to advocacy, volunteerism, education, and awareness of the multiple causes of poverty to ultimately contribute to its eradication, both nationally and internationally.

Sustained Dialogue
Seeks to improve the unity of the campus community by discussing divisive issues in a safe environment. Part of the national Student Dialogue Campus Network.

Third Wave Resource Group (TWRG)
Promotes awareness activities and programs related to women's issues. Members live together in a safe and supportive environment at Harlan House.