• Ensure that 1-94 card is always marked F-1, D/S when enter the US.
  • Keep PASSPORT valid AT ALL TIMES  (recommended for at least 6 months after anticipated graduation date).
  • Notify ICL within 10 DAYS of a CHANGE OF ADDRESS or telephone number.
  • Do NOT let I-20 expire.


  • Pursue a FULL-COURSE (i.e. full-time or full-load) of study at Cornell and do not drop below this without PRE-authorization from ICL AND your advisor (8 blocks).
  • Complete class registration by the published deadline.
  • Make normal progress toward completing a course of study.
  • Notify ICL if wish to transfer to another school (minimum of 30 days notice).
  • If you withdraw officially from Cornell you have 15 DAYS to leave the U.S.


  • DO NOT engage in OFF-CAMPUS employment without ICL permission. THIS INCLUDES INTERNSHIPS!!
  • For those with work-study: Work NO MORE than 20 HOURS a week while school is in session. You may work 40 hours a week during vacations and holidays.


  • Notify ICL BEFORE you plan to travel, especially outside the US and give us contact information. We must make sure your documents are in order BEFORE you leave the US (valid F-1 visa and travel signature on I-20 are required).
  • Notify ICL if will be out of the U.S. for more than 5 MONTHS.  After 5 months your visa and I-20 expire automatically and you cannot re-enter without reapplying.


  • Must notify ICL of desire for OPT 120 DAYS BEFORE graduation date.
  • Must DEPART from the U.S. 60 DAYS after graduation date unless have authorized OPT, are transferring schools or are changing education level (master’s degree, etc.).