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Professional exploration experiences are opportunities for you to engage in vocational discovery, develop valuable skills, and be immersed in a professional setting.

This category has a minimum requirement of 80 hours for internships, a minimum of 60 hours of work directly focused on professional exploration as part of a block course, or a minimum of 60 hours of professional exploration activities completed within a twelve-month period

Appropriate activities

  • Internships

  • Student teaching

  • On-campus work experiences tied to a student’s eventual career goals

  • Courses that include a major hands-on component such as student consulting work or student teaching

  • Other activities that meet the stated goals and requirements may also be proposed

Pre-approved experiences

  • ANT 325 - Anthropology of Doing Good: Human Rights, Development, and Humanitarianism
  • Center for Teaching and Learning student peer consultants
  • Chautauqua Internship
  • Cole Library student interns/circulation workers 
  • ENG 715 - Literature in Action: Editing (Open Field editorial board for two consecutive semesters)
  • Internships approved for credit by the registrar/Cornell Fellowships
  • PSY 395 - Human Services Practicum and Seminar
  • Student teaching
  • Intercultural Life work study

Student learning outcomes:

  • You will be able to identify and assess your unique skills and consider how those skills may be relevant to career opportunities.
  • You will understand field-specific professional norms and expectations.
  • You will practice foundational professional skills appropriate across industries.
  • You will develop plans for future career possibilities based on knowledge gained from your experience. 

Questions to address in your reflection:

  • Please address how you accomplished the learning outcomes listed above. Be specific and provide examples.
  • What is your primary career goal and why are you interested in that career? What have you learned about yourself and your career interests through your professional exploration experience? What skills, additional training, or support do you need to advance your career pursuits?
  • Reflect on your effectiveness in working with individuals who differ in many ways, including positions, personalities, backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and so forth. What challenges did you face and how did you or could you address these challenges? To what extent were you able to draw productively from the differences among people?
  • How do you feel you developed, academically, socially and personally, over the course of the project? How did this experience influence your future plans?
  • Please indicate how you would put this on your resume, include the title of the position and 1 to 3 sentences describing your experience. 

Complete your Professional Exploration application in Presence.