How to participate in the program:

  • Talk to your advisor about what kind of experiential opportunities work best for your educational plan.

  • Identify an appropriate faculty/staff sponsor for your planned experience and contact them to request their sponsorship of your experience.

  • Complete the application in Presence.

    • If you are participating in a pre-approved experience, the application will require your name, ID, and sponsor information. It should only take you a minute or two to join the program.

    • If you are proposing your own experience, you will need to complete the application and answer two questions about what you plan to do and how the experience fits into your personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Complete your experience. Maintain contact with your sponsor and keep track of the hours devoted to your experience with an Hours Log.

  • Complete your reflection through Presence in a thoughtful manner and articulate how your experience will enhance your future plans. Your sponsor will use a rubric for your specific category to approve or require changes to your final reflection.

  • Once the reflection is approved, your experience will be noted on your transcript.