How to receive funding for Ingenuity in Action activities

The new Ingenuity curriculum teaches you how to expand your skills and apply what you are learning to real-world experiences. As part of that, Ingenuity in Action offers funding for experiential learning activities.  In general, the funding is intended to cover expenses incurred while participating in the activities, and is not intended to be used as a stipend or source of income. The Cornell Summer Research Institute (CSRI), which does provide a stipend, is the exception. This program provides over $700,000 toward student experiences each year. Funding is based on a competitive application process, and although you are not guaranteed to receive the full amount requested, you may apply for funding for as many experiences as you feel are important to your academic and professional success.

Be aware that if you would like to receive transcript notation for your Ingenuity in Action activity, you will need to complete the Ingenuity in Action proposal along with any application for funding. Please note: It is a requirement for those accepted to the Cornell Summer Research Institute to participate in Ingenuity in Action. Students interested in applying to CSRI should submit the funding application. If selected, you will then be required to submit the Ingenuity in Action proposal. 

 Read on below to learn more about funding sources and don't forget to reach out with questions!

If you are concerned about how Covid-19 might affect your ability to complete experiential learning activities and/or receive funding for those activities, make sure to review the current Cornell College guidelines and response plan.

Once you have submitted an Ingenuity in Action application with a request for funding, it will be reviewed by the Committee. The Committee is made up of the following positions:

The Committee regularly consults with additional faculty and staff associated with key programs such as Cornell Summer Research Institute, Cornell Fellows, Dimensions, and academic departments that manage the selection for annual, ongoing experiential opportunities managed by their department. The faculty and staff associated with these competitive programs select candidates and make recommendations to the Committee.

If you have any questions on the process of completing an Ingenuity in Action activity and receiving transcript notation, contact