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Global connections are opportunities for you to broaden your perspective through engaging with people from a culture other than your own or immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture or environment.

These experiences should also deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and the range of political, social, cultural, environmental, and/or economic issues affecting cultures and interactions across the globe.

The time requirements for this category are:

  • fourteen days off-campus immersed in a culture or environment other than one’s own


  • 100 contact hours engaging with people from a culture other than one’s own.

Possible activities

  • Off-campus courses

  • Semester abroad experiences

  • International internships

  • International student's experience at Cornell

  • Service learning, research projects, or other experiences that involve significant interactions with individuals from other cultures or exploration of the culture and/or environment in which the student is immersed

  • Other experiences fitting the stated goals of the category

Pre-approved experiences

  • ANT 258 - Medical Anthropology in Nepal
  • ART 364 - Rome Reborn
  • BIO 232 - Case Studies in Wildlife Conservation
  • CLA 381 - Greek Archaeology
  • CLA 382 - Roman Archaeology
  • EDU 270 - Comparative Education in Belize
  • ENG 230 - Caribbean Literature
  • ENG 240 - Theatre, Architecture, and the Arts in Great Britain
  • ENG 347 - Literature and Arts of the Wilderness 

  • FRE 266 Francophone Cultural Immersion

  • FRE 302 Advanced Conversation and Culture Abroad 

  • GEO 329 - Geology of a Region: New Zealand

  • GER 265 - Uncovering Germany's Past & Present

Student learning outcomes:

  • You will develop skills for navigating unfamiliar cultures and environments.
  • You demonstrate a mindful and respectful approach to encountering new cultures and environments, an openness to experiential engagement and learning, and tolerance for ambiguity when facing unexpected or uncomfortable circumstances.
  • You engage in respectful dialogue and interaction with members of the host culture.
  • You use encounters while off-campus to increase conscious knowledge of your own culture/environment and develop the ability to critically reflect on both your own culture/environment and the host culture/environment. 

Questions to address in your reflection:

  • Please address how you accomplished the learning outcomes listed above. Be specific and provide examples.
  • How did your own background impact your perception of this new culture and/or environment?  How does the knowledge gained from your experience impact your perception of your own culture and/or environment? 
  • How did your experiences in this location give you a deeper understanding of the content you were studying? What were you able to learn by being in this location that you might not have been able to learn otherwise? Describe a moment that gave you insight into cultural and/or environmental differences.
  • How do you feel you developed, academically, socially, and personally, over the course of the project? How has this experience influenced your future plans?
  • Please indicate how you would put this on your resume, include the title of the position and 1 to 3 sentences describing your experience. 

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