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Civic engagement experiences are opportunities for you to contribute positively to society and connect to your local, national, and international communities.

Civic engagement experiences should be grounded in civic and social responsibility and should emphasize collaboration with community stakeholders. Civic engagement experiences can be practiced through social activism, public scholarship, community advocacy, and direct service.

Civic Engagement experiences should entail a minimum of 60 hours.

  • Immersive Project: a minimum of five days where the student spends at least 40 hours of the 60-hour minimum requirement immersed in the community.
  • Ongoing Project: a minimum of 60 hours within a 12 month period focused on a single community partner or on a single issue.

Possible activities

  • Alternative breaks

  • Civic engagement internships

  • Courses with significant civic engagement components

  • Other experiences fitting the stated goals of the category

Pre-approved experiences

  • Alternative Winter Break

  • Alternative Spring Break

  • Iowa College Americorps Program (iCAP)

  • EDU 216/POL 216 - Education Policy and Practice

  • PSY 395 - Human Services Practicum and Seminar

  • CIV 280/380 - Applied Civic Engagement Internship

  • ENG 373/SOC 350 Literature and Social Justice in Chicago

Student learning outcomes:

  • You will demonstrate understanding of a complex social issue and the ways in which community-based organizations can help alleviate or contribute to solutions.

  • You can illustrate the ability to communicate effectively through working as a member of a diverse team.

  • You will recognize the importance of social responsibility, inclusivity, and compassion for others in a diverse environment.

  • You will develop an understanding of civic engagement opportunities and explore ways to incorporate citizenship into your future plans, professionally and personally.

Questions to address in your reflection:

  • Please address how you accomplished the learning outcomes. Be specific and provide examples.

  • Reflect on the "real-world" implications of what you experienced in your civic engagement project. What did your community partner gain and what were you able to contribute to the community?

  • Reflect on your effectiveness in working with individuals who differ in many ways, including positions, personalities, backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and so forth. What challenges did you face and how did you or could you address these challenges? To what extent were you able to draw productively from the differences among people?

  • How do you feel you developed, academically, socially and personally, over the course of the project? How has this experience influenced your future plans?

  • Please indicate how you would put this on your resume, include the title of the position and 1 to 3 sentences describing your experience. 

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