students working creatively

Creative Expression experiences are opportunities for you to explore your creative potential. Activities in this category are focused on the conceptualization and execution of creative work.

These experiences should emphasize exploring the creative process and aesthetic choices. In addition, sharing one's work is an important part of the creative process and calls upon the creator to participate in a community. Therefore, creative work should be presented, published, performed, or exhibited in some form.

The minimum requirement for Creative Expressions experiences is 60 hours directly focused on the creative experience.

Possible activities in this category

  • Theatre productions
  • Dance productions
  • Art Capstone courses
  • Internships in a creative field
  • Sustained involvement in an art interest group, such as Project Linus or the Mural project
  • Performance of a major work on Music Seminar Recital
  • Original student composition performed on Music Seminar Recital
  • Other experiences fitting the stated goals of the category

Pre-approved experiences

  • Art 487 - Senior Thesis, Studio Art
  • Dance Concert
  • LAT 205 - Roman comedy
  • MUS 798 - Half Recital
  • MUS 799 - Full Recital
  • THE 285 - Contemporary Dance
  • THE 755 - Adjunct Dance Performance

Student learning outcomes:

  • You will learn and demonstrate a working knowledge of the tools, materials, and processes appropriate to a chosen creative field.
  • You will reflect on and describe your aesthetic choices and creative process.
  • Through this experience, you will understand and articulate your project’s position and influences within the larger creative field, your audience, and the larger world.
  • You will explore and reflect on how your experience might be applied in future endeavors and/or on your potential for future work in a related field.
  • You will develop and execute a creative project that expresses yourself and interests in a personally rewarding format.

Questions to address in your reflection:

  • Please address how you accomplished the learning outcomes listed above. Be specific and provide examples. Include how you presented your work, or how you plan to present your work in the future.
  • What have you learned about planning, conceptualizing, and executing a creative project? What challenges did you face during this experience and how did you or could you address these challenges?
  • What have you learned about the field or creative process during this experience?
  •  How do you feel you developed, academically, socially, and personally, over the course of the project? How has this experience influenced your future plans?
  • Please indicate how you would put this on your resume, include the title of the position and 1 to 3 sentences describing your experience. 

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