This page will compile a list of known issues and resolutions for RemoteApps.  If you encounter an issue not listed on this page, please contact the IT staff so that we may investigate and document a solution.

You receive a Microsoft Remote Desktop has stopped working message, and the RemoteApp never loads

  • This issue is caused by an application called HP SimplePass, which comes pre-loaded on some HP laptops.  Uninstalling the application should fix the issue.  If you have HP SimplePass installed but are unaffected by the issue, there's no reason to uninstall it.

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A message indicating that you're connecting to the remote application appears but no applications load

  • This issue seems to be caused by stored credentials incorrectly passed to the RemoteApp connector.  We have only seen this problem on Windows systems.  To fix it, open the Control Panel, navigate to the Credential Manager open the Stored Windows Credentials tab, and Remove From Vault the credentials stored for,  It's sometimes necessary to log in with a different account before your account will work.  A friend's account would work, or IT staff can launch the RemoteApp for you.

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