VTC offers online training on dozens of subjects ranging from Word and Excel to Photoshop Elements and AutoCAD (View a full list of VTC courses). The training is divided up into short videos that last just a few minutes.  You can track your progress on each course and take a class as many times as you like.  Currently our license allows us to have 5 people in VTC at once.

VTC uses it's own user names and passwords.  Go to this page to get your user name and password (log into the page with your Cornell user name and password and it will tell you what your VTC user name and password are).  VTC requires Flash, QuickTime, or Adobe Air to watch tutorials. Please note that we only have 5 concurrent licenses for VTC.  If you are not actively using the site please log out so that others can use the service. 

You can log into VTC at vtc.com

Contact the Mike Plagge if you have any questions.