• In the top right hand corner of your screen you will see your login id
o Click on your login id and you will see a drop down box
o Click “Exit GP”

• Web Client Users
o https://gpwebclient1.cornellcollege.edu/GP/Account/LogOn
 Set this as a Favorite web site
o User Name/Password = Network login and Password
 i.e. mkrapfl@cornellcollege.edu

o Select Cornell College for the Company

o Navigate to Home Page via Navigation Pane on left side of screen

o If the Time Management Box is not appearing on your Home Page
 Select the ellipsis next to your name in the top left of the screen

 Check the Time Management box in the Customize Home Page screen
 OK

o In the Time Management box on the Home Page
 Select “Enter Time For a Pay Period”
 Check the box next to the Pay Period to enter time for
 The “Enter Time” option will become available on the ribbon, click on this Icon
 To Refresh the Time Card list select Current Timecards (in green) drop down and select Refresh

o In the Time Card Entry window
 Select week to enter time
• There are two weeks for each pay period, for the second week make sure you scroll to that week to enter time
 Select Pay Code
 Enter Hours worked
 Verify or change your department or position, select Transaction Details
• You can only change department and position if those are assigned to you
 To add a row (additional pay code), Tab off the current row time is entered on
 To delete a row, Right Click>Delete Row
 Save

o When all time is entered for the time period
o Submit button
o Comments box will appear
 Optional to enter comments
o Submit

o To review Workflow History on a Timecard
o Select Timecard from Current Timecards screen
o Select Enter Time icon

o Select View History from the Timecard Entry window
o This will bring up a screen that shows where the time card stands in the approval process
o This is only available if a timecard has been submitted for approval