Accessing Self Service and Logging In

Faculty and advisors can use Self Service to view advisee information, course schedules, class rosters, and enter grades.

Self service faculty home tab

The advising tab allows faculty and advisors to view information about their advisees such as their course schedule, unofficial transcript, and grades.

  • Click on Manage Advisees to search for your advisees.
  • Enter part of the first or last name to bring up a student (you can also fill in the full ID number)
  • A list of students will come up after the search.  
  • Note: To see a full list of Advisees leave all search fields blank and click the Search button.
  • Faculty student list
  • Click on any of the circled options in the list.  

Self service faculty classes tab

The classes tab allows you to view your course list, course enrollment, and grading options.

  • To view your course list: click on enrollment and then click on a year.
  • To view course enrollment: click on enrollment, then click on a year, and then click on the specific class.
    Faculty class list
  • The grading link lets you enter and submit grades.  Grades must be submitted to be finalized.  Grades can only be submitted when the option is turned on at the end of the block. Click the grades link on the Classes tab to view classes.  Click a year and class to go into the class to enter grades.

Self Service Faculty Search Tab

The Search tab allows you to view the course catalog or search the course schedule.  When searching the schedule make sure to select the current academic year in the period drop down. You can find out more about search specifics on the Search Help Page.

Self Service Faculty My Profile Tab

The My Profile tab will show you Account Information and your preferred address. This includes your student ID as well as your email address.