The new registration system is available at

1.   If you aren't already logged in to the system, log in with your username and password.

Self Service Log In

2.   To choose your courses, use the Search tab, then click on Section Search. From this page, you can search for classes by year, block, department, instructor, and general education requirements.

Section Search

3.   When you find your course, click the course ID to view information. Remember that you can find course descriptions in the Course Catalogue and Catalogue Supplement

4.   Click the Add button that appears on the right. If the course is full, you have the option to be on the waitlist. 

For example, I wish to take an Individual Project for Block 5 of 2021. I click the Add button and my selection is saved. If the course is full, like PSY 161 - Fundamentals of Psychological Science, I can add myself to the waitlist. 

Then, this will pop-up. Click on Proceed to Registration.

Proceed to Registration

Keep on clicking Next which is located at the bottom right part of the page until you reach the Complete Section.


Now, you are finally registered.