The new registration system is available at

1.   If you aren't already logged in to the system, click the login link in the navigation bar at the right.

2.   To choose your courses, use the Select Courses tab, located on the far left of the side menu. (This is also the default page after you login) From this page, you can search for classes by year, block, department, instructor, and general education requirements.


3.   When you find your course, click the course ID to view information. Remember that you can find course descriptions in the Course Catalogue and Catalogue Supplement

4.   Click the Register button that appears on the right under the available seats. If there is no Register Button, the course is full and not available for you to choose.
sec search
For example, I wish to take CSC 355 - Advanced Topics: Mobile App Development for Block 1 of 2015. I click the Register button and my selection is saved. it is also displayed in the “course selection” list on the bottom of the page. If I wish to remove that selection, I can click the Remove button to do so.

  1. You can see the list of all courses you have selected to the bottom of your section search results under the Select Courses tab or by clicking on the the Bidding tab in the nav bar), continue the registration process by clicking on the Bidding link in the nav bar. There you can see if you meet the requirements for each of your chosen courseCourse Selection
  2. If you do not meet the requirements:

             1.Remove the course from your selections by clicking the Remove button OR

             2.Request permission from the faculty member to override the requirements for you by clicking the Request Permission button.


For example, I need permission to take my block 2 because I do not meet the prerequisites necessary. I must either request permission from the instructor to take these courses, or remove them to continue with registration. You will be able to add a message. Please give the instructor any information she/he would need to decide whether to add you. Select two courses, a first and second choice for each term. After this step, you will be able to change the order of your class preferences. Tip: Upon receiving a permission required notification, it is possible to continue registering by removing the course associated with the permission until permission is received and continue registering as usual.
Once you have received permission or removed courses for which you do not have prerequisites, click the yellow Continue Registration button.


5.   Click anywhere in the block to change the order of preference. The course listed first is the course you would rather enroll in.

Course Choices

6.   Click Proceed to bidding button using the button on the bottom. Enter the number of points you want to bid on each course. Bidding

   Your bid applies to the block - the same bid will apply to both courses.
   You can review your course selections and bids at any time before registration closes by clicking on the Bidding tab.

7.    Click the green Submit Bids button. If all goes well you will see message telling you your bids were saved and you will be sent back to the Search page.

  • You can only bid up to the allowed number of points. If you go over, your bids will not save. There is a calculator on the right to show how many points you have used.