The new registration system is available at

If you have not already logged in to the system, click the Login tab in the yellow navigation bar at the top.login 

  1. Click on the Advising tab in the yellow nav bar at the top to see your list of advisees. That will take you to a list of your primary advisees.
  • If you want to see all of your advisees, click on the link in the top right corner of the window.

The advisees page will contain a list of your advisees with their ID number, Name, Major, Number of approved classes, and available actions.


Each of your advisees will have one or more of the following actions available.

  • Grades button
    • You can view the student's past grades and schedule
  • Register button
    • This will only appear if the student is eligible to register and a registration period is open.
    • This will allow you to complete the registration process on behalf of your students. To do so,
      1. Click the Register button to impersonate the student
      2. Follow the student registration instructions
      3. When you are finished selecting courses and bidding for the student, click on the Cancel button in the blue bar to stop impersonating the student and return to being an advisor.
  • Approve button
    • If there are new schedule requests, the green Approve button will appear. You can approve, unapprove or deny schedule requests here.
      • Approving a schedule request will allow the student to finish the bidding process
      • Unapproving a schedule request will allow the student to keep the classes in their schedule and still bid points. Use this option to keep the selected courses, but change preference order and/or bid points
      • Denying a schedule request will prevent the student from finishing the bidding process, including preventing the student from bidding on a class
    • If your approval or denial makes the schedule invalid, you will be kicked to the registration page so that you or the student can correct the schedule.
    • Clicking the Remove or Change Bids for Unapproved Sections button will allow you to act as the advisee to select and bid on new courses. The bidding process is the same as in the student instructions.
    • If there are two choices for a single block, both courses will be approved or denied.
  • Review
    • If there are schedule requests that you have already approved or denied, you can review them here.
    • If your approval or denial makes the schedule invalid, you will be kicked to the registration page for the student to correct their schedule.
    • To add a second choice in a block after the first choice has been approved, you must unapprove the first choice prior to approving the second choice.

Example Approve/Review Page:


Clicking on any one of these actions will allow you to act on the behalf of your advisees. This is shown with a blue bar at the top. Clicking “I’m Done” will lead you back to the Advisees page.done