You will be able to add/drop classes using the Registration System.

  1. If you aren't already logged in to the system, click the login link in the left sidebar.         login
  2. To choose the course that you wish to add, use the Select Courses tab, located on the far left of the top menu. (This is also the default page after you login) From this page, From this page, you can search for classes by year, block, department, instructor, and general education requirements.               search
  3. After searching for classes by year, block, department, instructor, and general education requirements, click the Register button that appears on the right of the class under the available seats. If there is no Register Button, the course is full and not available for you to choose.  Once you have registered for a course, it will appear under Course Selections beneath the class options.


For example, I wish to take BIO 308-A: Invertebrate Zoology, and drop FRE 366-A: Adv Tpc: Beyond the Hexagon . I click the Register button and my selection is saved. it is also displayed in the “course selection” list on the bottom. If I wish to remove that selection, I can click the Remove button to do so.

   4.   Once you have the class you want to add, Go to Add/Drops tab 


   5.   If you do not meet the requirements for a course, select the REMOVE button. DO NOT USE THE REQUEST PERMISSION BUTTON. During Accommodations, the Request Permissions button is not guaranteed to generate a response within a set timeframe. As a result, you might not receive a response and instead miss the opportunity to add a different course.


   6.  When you want to finalize the changes to your schedule, select Finalize Add/Drops.


   7.  When you click Finalize Add/Drops your course changes will be made as you requested.

You have successfully dropped a class and added a new class to your schedule.