Sometimes, you just need to know how to do something simple.  Web searches offer quick and easy access to text and video tutorials and how to's.  Youtube is a great resource for video tutorials and even full-fledged training.  Searching with Google or Bing is easy with just a few tips.

First, start with a general, but specific search.  If you need to know how to add multiple columns in Word you should include the version of Word. In this example we would search for "multiple columns word 2010."  You can ignore capitalization and punctuation.  

Take advantage of the auto-completion in Google and Bing.  Both search engines will automatically try to predict what you are searching for as you type.  As you type the search engine will give you suggestions of the most popular searches.  

Remember that both Google and Bing have categories.  Once you have done your search just click on the videos link at the top.  Often there will be a link to a youtube video that can show you how to do the task you are looking for.