The MyPhone extension details tab (3CX MyPhone>Settings>Extension details) contains details regarding your extension.

User information

This section allows you to change basic user information:

  • Name and email address.
  • SIP ID allows callers to call your extension using your SIP ID as well as your extension number (requires configuration by administrator). For example, your SIP ID is set to A caller can call your extension by entering into his softphone instead of dialing your extension number.
  • Outbound caller ID is the number displayed when you make an outbound call to someone
  • Mobile number is used to allow other extension users to call you directly on your mobile.

MyPhone - Extension details

Voice Mail settings

This section allows you to change your voice mail settings to:

  • Enable voicemail on your extension
  • Specify whether you want to play the caller ID of the person who left you a message.
  • Play the time the message was received.
  • Specify whether you wish to receive voice mail by e-mail and specify whether you wish to receive it as a notification or attachment.
  • Change your PIN.

Configure office hours

The Office Hours section allows you to configure the times that you work so that you can automatically set your status to out of office when outside of your office hours. If your working hours are identical to the company opening times, you can leave the default setting ‘Global Office Hours’.

MyPhone - Office hours

If your hours are different, you can configure by selecting the ‘This Extension has Specific Office Hours’ checkbox and further customizing by selecting the ‘Set’ button.

Configure MyPhone actions

The actions section allows you to switch the status of your extension and your presence within queues automatically to “Out of Office” and “Log me out of queues” when outside of office hours. You can also set an action to automatically switch your status to ’Away’ during configurable time periods which are set in the same way as described in the “Configure office hours” section above.