1. General Information
  2. Reporting Telephone Problems
  3. Important Final Information

General Information

How to Make an On-Campus Call

To make an on-campus call, pick up your phone and press the four-digit extension number you would like to call.

How to Make a Local Call

Mt Vernon, Cedar Rapids, Lisbon, Marion and Hiawatha

To make a call that is local:
1. Press "9" to get an outside line.
2. Press the seven-digit phone number you would like to call.

Reporting Telephone Problems

If you don't understand a procedure or your telephone is not working properly, you can report the incident to Information Technology by entering a Work Order Request.

Important Final Information

Never give out confidential information such as credit card numbers or your social security number.

Your telephone is your responsibility. While Cornell College provides service to the jack in your room, you are responsible for any repairs or maintenance to your telephone.

If you feel you have been a victim of phone fraud, contact Phone Services immediately.