Cornell uses a wireless onboarding application called XpressConnect. This app will guide users through the connection process including automatically connecting you to the correct wireless network. To begin the process, please follow the instructions below.

If at any time your device does not redirect you as indicated, attempt to connect to an off campus HTTP resource.  News sites such as work well

Note: Android devices require a device password to be configured. You will be prompted to set a device password during the connection process. Android devices require that an app be installed to facilitate the configuration.

  1. Start by downloading the XpressConnect application to your phone from your application store.
  2. Connect to the CornellOpenWiFi wireless network using the Android appropriate method.
  3. Open any web browser and you will be redirected to our guest network Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Please read and agree to the policies.
  5. You should automatically be redirected to our WiFi Landing page. There you will find a link to enroll your device for our secure wireless network. If you're not automatically redirected, use this link to access the WiFi Landing page
  6. Follow the instructions presented during the connection process.

For a list of supported devices please visit

If you have any questions about connecting your computer to the wireless network or need help installing any applications, please contact the  Information Technology Help Desk at 319-895-4357 or submit a Work Order Request and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.