Students may utilize shared network drives to share information between Students, Faculty, and Staff.  In addition to sharing capabilities, these drives are backed up every night to ensure data continuity.  Any important information or class assignments should be saved to a shared drive to protect from computer hardware failures.

We have various types of shared drives for your sharing needs.

Home Drive (H:)

This is your personal drive that you only have access to. Please store important information and class assignments in this drive. Student Home Drives have a quota of 200MB.  If you go over that amount you will no longer be able to save to that drive.

Assignments (K:)

Assignment folders are created by faculty to share important class information with students. Faculty have permission to change who has access to read and write to this drive.

Apps (G:)

Installation files for classroom related programs are stored in the Apps drive.  Please feel free to use any of these programs while you are on campus.  Please note that due to licensing restrictions, some of the applications will not work unless you are connected to the Cornell wired network or the CornellWireless network.

Web (W:)

This is your personal website. Any files put in your Web drive will show up on the World Wide Web at

If you need access to other network locations, please contact the department head and ask permission. The department head can contact Information Technology to provide access.

Shared Drives are not available off-campus.