Faculty and Staff may utilize shared drives to share information between Students, Faculty, and Staff.  In addition to sharing capabilities, these drives are backed up every night to ensure data continuality.  Any important information should be saved to a shared drive in the event your computer hard drive may crash.

We have various types of shared drives for your sharing needs.

Home Drive (H:)    Is your personal drive that you only have access to.

Assignments (K:)    Drive to share with students, you have permissions to change who has access to this drive.

Shared (S:)        This drive is our department, organizations, and committees drives.  Permissions are set by IT.

Apps (G:)        Drive to run various applications

If you utilize an Outlook Archive we also recommend you save this to your H drive.  By default, when you setup an archive in Outlook it will save it to your local hard drive.

If you need access to a certain drive, please contact the department head and ask permission, once you have permission please send a work order to Information Technology.

Each of these drives has a quota, if you go over your quota you will not be able to save to the shared drive.

Home Drive (H:) 2GB
Assignments (K:) 1GB
Shared-Commitees 1GB
Shared-Departments 1GB
Shared-Organizations 1GB
Shared-other 250MB

If you have any questions about connecting to the shared drives, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357 or submit a Work Order Request and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.