Shared network drives are available to Cornell College community members.
The drives may be accessed from computers connected to the Cornell College network. 
They are available off campus only when connected to the VPN. Shared drives are backed up nightly.

Home Drive (H:) A personal drive available to all faculty/staff/students. Information in this drive is not shareable to other individuals. Home drives are limited by a quota of 5GB for employees and 200MB for students.
Assignments (K:) Assignments folder drives are granted to faculty members as needed and are used to share information with students
Campus Share (S:) Multipurpose shared drive consisting of a mixture of department, organization, and committee shared folders.
Applications (G:) Licensed application installations may be found in this folder.

Each of the shared drives has a default quota assigned; if the quota is exceeded, you will be unable to save new information.

Home Drive (employees) 5 GB
Home Drive (students) 200 MB
Shared - Committees 1 GB
Shared - Departments 5 GB
Shared - Organizations  1 GB
Shared - Other 250 MB

Instructions to connect to the shared drives will depend on the website you are using.