For employees with College-issued laptops, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection process is available.  The VPN allows you remote access to the College network, which will permit functions such as shared folder access and access to applications otherwise only accessible from on campus due to licensing constraints.

The VPN solution is called GlobalProtect and in most cases should already be installed on your College-issued laptop.  Currently, GlobalProtect is available only for College-owned systems.  Instructions are available for both Windows and Mac systems.  If you have any problems getting connected, please contact Information Technology staff or open a work order.

Windows Systems

On a Windows system, if the application is running already, it will appear in the notification area of your computer (near the clock).  If the application isn't already running, launch it from Start Menu > All Programs > Palo Alto Networks > Global Protect.


The first time you use the GlobalProtect client, you may need to configure it.  

  • Right click the application icon, choose Open
  • Fill in the username & password fields with your own information.  The Portal should be
  • windowssettings
  • Click Apply
  • GlobalProtect will connect.
  • The GlobalProtect window may be closed; it will continue running in the background
  • When finished working, right click the GlobalProtect application icon and choose Disconnect
  • Going forward, you will be able to right click application icon and choose connect.  You'll need to enter a username and password each time, but the portal field will be filled in.

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Mac Systems

On a Mac, GlobalProtect will show up in the title bar of your system.  If it's not there, you can launch it from Applications  GlobalProtect


The first time you use GlobalProtect, you may need to configure it.

  • Click the application icon and choose Show Panel
  • Navigate to the Settings tab
  • Fill in the username & password fields with your own information.  The Portal should be
  • macsettings
  • Click Apply; GlobalProtect will connect
  • When finished working click the application icon and choose Disconnect
  • From now on, you'll be able to click the application icon and choose connect.  You'll be prompted for username and password but will not need to fill in the portal field

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