By living in College Housing or signing up for ResNet service, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below for this service. The terms for service include abiding by the College’s Official Policy and Network Use Guidelines and other applicable state and federal laws and College rules and regulations.

ResNet subscribers are responsible for following the complete rules and regulations for computer use on campus, including any updates. You may also wish to view the ResNet Subscriber Support Policy for additional expectations of subscribers and ResNet staff.

Terms and Conditions Specific to ResNet:

  • Subscriber Responsibility.
    The ResNet subscriber is responsible for all use of the network connection and understands that in order to access Cornell's network they must authenticate through the Safe Connect System

  • Operating System.
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Mac OS X Lion 10.7
    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
    • Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9
    • Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10

  • Antivirus Software.
    All ResNet subscribers are required to use regularly updated antivirus software on their computer(s). Please see our System Requirements page for a complete list of supported anti-virus programs. 

  • Software Critical Updates.
    All ResNet subscribers are required to keep their computer's Operating System and Office software up-to-date with the latest security patches and Service Packs. The computer is too vulnerable to hacks and compromises without same.

  • Wireless Routers.

    Personal routers, including wireless routers, are not permitted on the Cornell campus.

  • Correspondence from ResNet.
    ResNet subscribers will receive occasional correspondence from IT staff. By agreeing to the terms and conditions for service, you agree to receive this information.

  • Service Interruptions.
    Network service may be interrupted on occasion. IT will work to restore service as soon as practicable; however, Cornell College and ResNet are not responsible for any losses or damages caused by service interruptions or other failures in College equipment. (See the ResNet Subscriber Support Policy for additional information.)

  • Acceptance of Agreement.
    The subscriber's signature on the Housing Application Form, completion of the Housing Application process via the web binds the subscriber to this ResNet Agreement and signifies that the subscriber has received, read and agrees to abide by all conditions, terms and policies contained in the Agreement.

  • Copyright Infringement.
    If you receive a copyright infringement complaint email , your machine will be removed from the network, and you will be required to remove all alleged copyrighted material. You will then need to sign a form stating that the material in question has been removed. A second violation will result in your computer account being permanently blocked on Cornell’s network.

Subscriber Support Policy

The ResNet program at Cornell College is a cooperative service provided by Resident Life and IT. These groups work together to provide students living on campus with data, voice, and video communications service.

The following information outlines the level of service ResNet subscribers can reasonably expect, and the level of cooperation we need from subscribers to provide the best service possible. 

ResNet staff obligations

The ResNet program and staff publicly commit to the following minimum levels of technical support and service.

  • Level of Service
    ResNet staff will attempt to provide ResNet subscribers with a working connection to the ResNet network, which provides connectivity to the campus network and the Internet. In addition, we will attempt to provide support for Internet software, such as the latest versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser and Microsoft’s Outlook email client, as supported by ResNet and the college.

  • Virus Protection
    All systems running Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X are required to have an up-to-date antivirus product.  

  • Windows Security Updates
    Each ResNet student running Microsoft Windows is required to keep their operating systems up-to-date on security patches. The latest patches can be downloaded a applied from

  • Technical Services
    ResNet staff will provide limited technical services to ResNet students. Assistance in connecting a virus-free and spyware-free functional computer will be provided at no charge. Due to a recent policy change initiated by ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Committee), the IT and ResNet staff are not allowed to work on student’s personal computers. For a charge of $50, IT may remove spyware, malware, and/or viruses from a personally-owned computer not to exceed two (2) hours of technical time. However, IT will no longer provide computer repair or other computer support as we have in the past. The College provides computer resources in labs around the campus that students may use in the event they do not own a computer or their personal computer fails. Continued effort is made to maintain college-owned computer labs for students to use in the event their personal computers are not operating properly. (See list of Local Computer Shops for technical services on personal computers.)
  • Professionalism
    ResNet staff will act in a professional manner throughout their dealings with students. In accordance with this, ResNet staff will:
    • Treat students with courtesy
    • Respect students' privacy

ResNet subscriber obligations.

ResNet staff is dependent on subscribers for information critical to the resolution of any problems they may have with their ResNet connection. In recognition of this fact, ResNet subscribers agree to the following points:

  • Minimum system requirements: ResNet subscribers understand that if their computer does not meet the minimum hardware and software requirements, they may not receive service from ResNet staff. ResNet staff may not provide network connectivity support for a computer that has other non network-related problems that existed before a staff member began working on the computer.

  • Registration of computer with ResNet: Personally-owned computers which are brought to campus by users must be registered with ResNet before being connected to the network. Registration is performed electronically. A registration form will appear automatically when a web browser is launched on an unregistered computer which has been connected to the College network. The computer will have full network access once the user completes the registration process.

  • Take responsibility of your equipment and data: Students are cautioned to take appropriate steps necessary to insure the reliability of their computing resources. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Keeping backup copies of all important documents and files – both on and off the computer used to create them.

    • Having a pre-determined plan for how to deal with hardware and software issues. This may involve the manufacturer’s warranty (if that is still in effect) – or another company that performs repairs on your type of hardware. It is much better to have this information worked out ahead of time rather than having to scramble to find it during a crisis.

    • Remember Murphy’s Law – failures will often occur at the worst possible moment. When working on an important project or document – keep current copies, on paper, multiple USB drives – and maybe somebody else’s hard drive too! It is much better to be over protected then have to recreate everything at the last minute. However, remember, it is the individual student’s responsibility to choose (and follow) the appropriate level of protection for his or her computing needs.

Connectivity Caveats.

  • Not all computer systems are designed to be connected to a network such as ResNet. Although most Ethernet adapters and software are compatible with a wide variety of computers, there may be some systems that are incompatible. We are not able to guarantee that all computers can be connected to ResNet; however, we will make our best effort to get you connected within the bounds of this service level agreement.

  • You must ensure that your computer is current with virus protection and operating system security patches before connecting to our network. You must also register your computer’s network card before you can access the Internet.

  • The Cornell campus network runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. However, we must occasionally take the network down for maintenance. Scheduled maintenance normally takes place during the hours of 5pm-7am, and will be announced via email prior to the service.

Unscheduled network outages may occur occasionally. If you lose your connection to the network, contact the ResNet help desk (4357). All connection problems will be fixed as quickly as possible, with failures affecting multiple rooms or residence halls receiving the highest priority.

After-hour services.

Information Technology recognizes that certain technology resources are needed beyond normal working hours. We have taken steps to provide service beyond normal business hours for the following resource areas:

  • Cornell’s e-mail system
  • Internet access
  • Cornell’s Web site
  • Cornell’s telephone system
  • Network applications and home directories

If one of these services is unavailable, reasonable efforts will be made to restore these services in a timely manner. If these five resources are available it means that the core network infrastructure is functioning.  All other issues including secondary resources, individual issues or single building problems will be handled the next business day.

The process that you should follow when reporting outages is to contact Campus Safety at extension 4299. They will ask a few questions to help determine if your report fits one of the above categories before placing a call to an on-call IT staff person. If it does not, the caller will be advised to enter a work order for service to be addressed the following business day.

Local Computer Shops.

For your convenience, a few local computer shops in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area are listed below from which you may receive technical assistance:

Barb’s Computers
2706 1 st Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids

Best Buy
4650 1 st Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids

Technology Associates (Mac)
147 Marion Blvd #C

RJ Ender Computer
3501 1st Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids

In addition to local computer shops in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area, fellow students here at Cornell may assist in solving many of the problems encountered by students.