ResNet (Residential Network) is the residential computer network service provided to students living at Cornell College. ResNet lets you connect your personal computer directly to the College’s computer network and to the Internet.

This site provides information about services available through ResNet, acceptable use of ResNet, setup and configuration and keeping your computer secure.

For questions or comments, contact ResNet at 895-HELP (4357) or email us at

Services Available Through ResNet

Like all other broadband connections, ResNet is always connected -- no dialing necessary -- which means your phone lines are not tied up while you're online.

The ResNet connection is several times faster than ordinary dial-up connections allowing you:

  • Computing from the comfort and convenience of your room
  • Send and receive Email
  • Browse the World Wide Web
  • Access to online campus resources, such as the library and academic applications
  • Use of your student email account
  • Access to your web space
  • An internally safe/secure computing environment
  • And much, much more!!

ResNet provides one Ethernet outlet per student in each residence hall room. Residents must provide their own computers and Category-5 Ethernet patch cables. Ports are not automatically turned on and ready for use.  To enable the port students will need to fill out wired port request form.

You need the following items in order to access ResNet service:

  • a Cornell College network username
  • a computer with an operational wired or wireless network adapter
  • an operating system that supports TCP/IP and DHCP services (Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX)
  • a Category-5 Ethernet cable (RJ-45) if you wish to connect to the data port in your room
  • the CD-ROMs or disks for your operating system (in case they are needed to install certain files)

When you set up your computer in your residence hall room, connect one end of the cable to the data port in your room. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer. Then, launch your Web browser and begin the ResNet registration process. If you have problems you can call the Help Desk (4357).

To learn how to set up ResNet for your operating system.

Your subscription to ResNet includes:

  • Support from the ResNet help desk by e-mail or phone call to help you connect to and use the service
  • Wireless network access in your room
  • An Ethernet port in your room to connect your computer to the Campus network and the Internet
  • Access to facilities on the College network such as the central user file store
  • Unlimited use of e-mail and the web

Activities Restricted On ResNet

Some electronic activities are discouraged or prohibited on the ResNet network. Additionally, you have certain obligations to protect your machine and make sure that your ResNet port is not used inappropriately by someone else, such as a roommate or friend.

For more information, see the Official Policy and Network Use Guidelines.

Support Provided For ResNet

If you have problems with ResNet or additional questions, you can request support by completing a Help Desk Ticket or by contacting the Cornell Help Desk at 895-4357.